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FAST Thermal Imaging - Combustion Ignition

Studied with a FAST-IR Camera

In the last couple of years, biofuels have become increasingly popular. This growing popularity is mainly driven by factors such as oil price, energy dependency and environmental concerns.  However, the biofuels production yield, combustion efficiency and igition properties are limited when compared to those of fossil type fuels. 

In an effort to better understand the interaction between the many parameters affecting biofuel igition and combustion efficiency in a typical aircraft gas turbine combustor, direct observation to visualize the interaction between the igition kernel generated by a strong spart and the biofuel droplets reaching the highly energized and ionized region was performed.

This application note presents the measurement results of the internal combustion chamber using a high-speed and high-performance infrared imaging system. The Telops FAST-IR 1500 camera has been designed specifically for such applications with rapidly evolving and highly energetic events.

Innovative Infrared Imaging