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Airborne Midwave Infrared Mapping

For Environmental Monitoring Applications

Gas emissions from industrial plants located nearby residential areas can seriously impact the quality of life in these neighborhoods. This application note presents the results of airborne hyperspectral imaging which was carried out over different operating plants located near residential areas.

Airborne infrared hyperspectral imaging, in the midwave spectral range (3-5 um), was carried out over different operating plants in order to characterize the gas plume extent as well as the chemical constituents present in the gas emissions. The presence of water vapor (H2O), carbone monoxide (CO) and carbone dioxyde (CO2) could be detected in the gas emissions from a waste incinerator and a paper mill. Quantitative chemical imaging of CO and carbonyl sulfide (OCS) gas, emitted from an aluminum smelter plant, was successfully carried out illustrating the versatility of this technique for environmental monitoring applications.

Innovative Infrared Imaging